The Artists plays the best in UK country, alongside the big names from America. Click the links below for details of some of the artists we feature regularly.

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Andy Kay   New
Betty Tetzlaff   New
Lorenzo Gabanizza   New
Lou Kyme   New
Nomad Dooley   New
Ags Connolly   
Andreas Stone   
Ann Duggan   
Armadillo Road   
Biddy Ronelle   
Blue Genes   
Bobby Logan   
Brian Hughes   
Bus Pass Buskers   
Caitlin Mae   
Camilla Larsen   
Carolann B   
Charlie Landsborough   
Charlotte Elizabeth   
Chris D. Smith   
Chris Darlington   
Chris Green Project   
Chris Hamilton   
Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing   
Chris Raddings   
Chuck Hancock   
Clear Cut   
Cliff Aubrey   
Clint Bradley   
Clive Rose   
Colin Chapman   
Colin Mackay   
Country George   
Cowley Cowboys   
Craig Lloyd   
Curt Shoemaker   
Dan Marshall & Tom Petrone   
Danny Lee   
Danny Mcmahon   
Dave Drain Band   
Dave Sheriff   
Dave Wright   
Debra Andrew   
Dede Wedekind   
Dennis Welsh   
Derek Ryan   
Dina Andrews   
Dirt Road Diary   
Distillery Dave   
Donny Richmond   
Donny Richmond Jr.   
Doug Bruce   
Drew Morrison   
Dsp Band   
E J O' Reilly   
Eileen Richardson   
Elbow Jake Acoustic Band   
Emilie Andersen   
Emily Lockett   
Emma Jane   
Erwin Griemink   
Eve & The Fisherman   
Felicity Haze   
Frank Jennings   
Fred Kinsey I I I   
G D Sweeney   
Gary Mcgill   
Gary Perkins   
Gary Quinn   
Gavin Sutherland   
Good Thinking   
Graham Clark   
Graham Rodger   
Grand Prairie   
Hannah Johnson   
Hayley Mack   
Hearts That Beat   
Helen Jayne Mckellar   
Helena Mace   
Hicktown Breakout   
Holly Rose Webber   
Ian Highland   
Imber- Dean   
Interactive Murcia   
Ivor Game   
Ivor James   
Jack Gaton   
Jackie Storrar   
Jackson & Clarke   
Jacqui Sharkey   
James Ethan Clark   
Jason Green   
Jennifer Porter   
Jenny June   
Jeremy Parks   
Jericho Summer   
Jim Clarke   
Jim Lindsay   
Jim Luke   
Joe Bob Ritter   
Joe D. Johnson   
Joe Young   
John Greene   
John Headley   
John Hinshelwood   
John Jenkins   
John Mclaughlin   
Johnny Chirnside   
Johnny One Eye   
Jon Philibert   
Jonny Williams / Jonny & Lynnette   
Jordan Hurst   
Karen Eden   
Kata Hay   
Kate Russell   
Kathryn Anderson   
Kaye Tolson   
Keith Shaw   
Keith Wadge   
Keith's Country Satellite   
Kel-anne Brandt   
Kelsey Bovey   
Kerr Donnelly Band   
Kerry Fearon   
Kev Mcvann   
Larissa Tormey   
Layla Kaylif   
Lee Paul   
Lexie Green   
Lily Garland   
Lisa Stanley   
Love Street   
Luanne Hunt   
Lucy Zirins   
Luke & Mel   
Lynne Nash   
Lynne Taylor Donovan   
Malcolm Jagger   
Malcolm Macwatt   
Marc Ring   
Maria Jordan   
Mark Newberry (songwriter)   
Marnie Mags   
Martin Boyd   
Martin Davis / The Mighty Stampede   
Martin Smith   
Marty Rivers   
Masters Of Mellow   
Matthew Huff   
Megan Louise   
Melissa Robertson   
Merilyn Steele   
Michael Mcmillan   
Mick J. Clark   
Mike Lane   
Mikie Henderson   
Molly Anne   
Mountain Rio   
Mr Plow   
Mr. H   
Nancy Ann Lee   
Nancy K. Dillon   
Nick Ward   
Norma O'hara Murphy   
Owen Moore   
P V Tanner   
Paper Lanterns   
Paul Copestake   
Paul Martin & Blueridge   
Penny Jayne Black   
Perry Snyder   
Pete Mitchell   
Peter Williams   
Philip T   
Philippa Hanna   
Phoenix Morby   
Prenevost & Barnett (songwriters)   
Rant 'n' Rave   
Ranveig Seljemark   
Rawley Taylor   
Red Dirt Skinners   
Rett Russell   
Richard Craine   
Richard Mulligan   
Richard Plank   
Rita B   
Rob Mchale   
Robbie Harte   
Robert Twamley   
Robyn Taylor   
Rocky Road Ramblers   
Ronnie Baker   
Rusty Douch   
Sam Millar   
Sandy Peter   
Sarah Wise   
Saskia Vese   
Sean Martin   
Shack Attack   
Shantell Ogden   
Sharon King & The Reckless Angels   
Small Change Diaries   
Southern Country   
Southern County   
Stanford Road   
Steve Bonham & The Long Road   
Steve Gibson   
Steve Roberson   
Steve Young   
Steven James   
Stonewall Jackson & Donny Richmond   
Suzanna Shore   
Taynee Lord & The Crookes   
Terence Anthony   
The Ball Family   
The Barhoppers   
The Burrito Brothers   
The Celia Bryce Band   
The Colin Whittaker Band   
The County Affair   
The Cutlers Of Cornwall   
The Darren Harris Band   
The Diablos   
The Fargo Railroad Company   
The Good Intentions   
The Great Western Tears   
The Heels   
The Hicksville Band   
The Indians   
The Jigantics   
The Ponderosa Aces   
The Ray Peters Band   
The Rescue   
The Rising   
The Sonny Walters Band   
The Southern Companion   
The Swagger Kings   
This Is Country: Kelly Michelle & Pete Storm   
Thorne Hill   
Tim Howard   
Tim Kinsey   
Timmy Dunn   
Todd Barrow   
Tokyo Rosenthal   
Tom Fairnie   
Tom Wright   
Toni West   
Tony Clarke   
Travis Logan   
Velvet & Stone   
Victoria Eman   
Voodoo Katz   
Wayne Jacobs   
Wood Wire And Words   
Wye Creek Riders   
Yve Mary B   
Zoe Newton