• Lou Kyme
  • When you come to making your first record, it’s important that you’ve got a good band to back you up. London singer-songwriter LOU KYME has certainly made sure of that.

    A few years ago, the former singer and guitarist of South Coast band The Okeh Wranglers took a trip to Austin, Texas, where, at the famous Continental Club, she happened upon Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express. The stars aligned, friendships formed, mixed experiences merged. And after two years songwriting, Louise took a trip to San Francisco’s Mission District to record What’s The Worst That Can Happen with Chuck, Stephanie and the gang over three days during the summer of 2019.

    The 7-track mini-album focuses on stories of love and loss. Of dark and light. Big adventures, and looming catastrophes. With the title track reminiscent of a cinematic apocalypse, first single ‘Want You Back With Me’ is a post-adventure stream of consciousness, written about a soul connection while “walking down an English street”. Opening country-rocker ‘Oh Love’ keeps an upbeat rhythm, but not far beneath the surface is a story of dark disappointment and societal expectations: “Oh Love you’ll be the death of me, bring me down onto my knees. Only love, they say only love will, set you free. But that ain’t been the fate of me.”

    Produced by drummer Vicente Rodriguez, with his Texan aesthetic to the fore, and featuring power riffs from Californian James DePrato, combined with Louise’s English sensibility, the album has a truly multi-dimensional sound. Chuck Prophet’s virtuoso solos on ‘Oh Love’ and ‘What’s The Worst That Can Happen’, give both tracks an addictive quality, and Stephanie Finch’s accordion on ‘Let’s Drive’ brings a looser feel of sunnier Texan climes.

    Lou grew up playing music with her family’s band, the Okeh Wranglers. Dad, Pete, a Southampton musician, brought his family up surrounded by the sounds of country and rockabilly from the 1940s and 50s, and Nashville country-rock of the 1990s. As his young family showed an aptitude for music, he encouraged them to perform. Releasing five albums – including two for noted UK rockabilly label Fury Records – the Wranglers were a regular draw on the nascent European Americana scene, and toured the US sharing stages with such legendary acts such as Johnny Paycheck, Charlie McCoy, Wanda Jackson and alternative country stars Damnations TX, featuring future Delines singer Amy Boone.

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