• The Colin Whittaker Band
  • As a flautist/guitarist/vocals, Colin Whittaker gigs continuously. THE COLIN WHITTAKER BAND is a vehicle for his songs and all the guys in the band are the best musicians he knows....

    Mick Whittaker - Bass. Mick, Colin's brother has been playing bass for years. Like Colin, Mike and Will, Mick is gigging, week in, week out. Based in the Midlands, Mick is currently a mainstay of the Midlands club scene. His first session with The Colin Whittaker Band was on "Empty Bottles" in 2017 although Mick and Colin have worked together previously in the groups Lemathus and Horizon.

    Mike Bedford - Drums. Mike spends a lot of his time travelling around Europe and beyond with various topflight bands and is also in demand as a session musician. Mike has a unique 'live feel'. Play any of the tracks on the cd through a good hi-fi and it sounds like he's set his drums up in your room!

    Will Jackson - Keyboards/Guitar/Producer. As well as being a highly accomplished guitarist and keyboard player, Will is also a sound engineer/producer working out of Eiger Studios. Will has worked with/produced: Embrace, Kaiser Chiefs, Wiz, Khalifa and The Pigeon Detectives to name just a few!

    Cherrie Gears - Vocal. Cherrie's first session with The Colin Whittaker Band was Love Don't Look Like This and it's currently being played on US/UK radio, not a bad start ! I'd sent Cherrie a demo of the song and booked the studio for two hours. within 15 minutes all vocals/harmonies and spoken dialogue were recorded. Cherrie is very professional and great to work with.""

    The three-track CD 'Love Don't Look Like This' is the first official release under the name of The Colin Whittaker Band. The single received immediate support from UKCountryRadio.com and another first, airplay on US Radio - IHeartRadio.

    The title track is unusual in that it's a hybrid of country/reggae music with flute and also tells it from 'her' point of view "Go to Hell, I'll give you directions"! The song was written with Dolly Parton in mind and Colin would love the chance to write for the likes of Shania Twain, The Dixie Chicks or Little Big Town etc but Cherrie Gears made the song her own.

    Colin was offered Men's Watches 'a deal' on Empty Bottles (the second song on cd) in 2017 by a Nashville publisher but turned it down ("DOH"). This interest nevertheless reawakened an interest in country music and the songs "Mansion On The Moon (A tribute to Hank Williams)" and "Love Don't Look Like This" soon followed.

    "Love Don't Look Like This" is Colin's fifth single. All of his previous singles were released under the name Titan or The Orange World Of Titan.

    In early 2020, "Mansion On The Moon" was released as a single. The song is intended as a warm tribute to Hank Williams, the "father of country music".

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