• Tis The Camera
  • TIS THE CAMERA formed in the spring of 2016 and are based in South Wales, UK. They are a band that mixes the genres and some. It's all a little bit bonkers but they love it!

    Vocalists are Mark William and Hannah Caswell. Mark, from Barry, has worked as a chef in a pub, sold fish in a delicatessen and used to be a solicitor working in criminal law. Mark sings tenor with a classical voice and enjoys writing poetry, watching rugby and loves everything sci-fi. Mark also makes an awesome beef in red wine pie!

    Mark is famed for writing the lyrics for "All Across the Land" a song that was played before the Wales Rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff in 2014.

    Hannah comes from Newport and sings soprano. She works as a production operator in a battery factory and has also worked as a cleaner and carer. Hannah loves to sing opera and enjoys horse riding, fishing and sailing - in fact anything that involves the great outdoors and nature.

    Tis the Camera's keyboard player and music guru is Carl Simmonds. Mark and Hannah bumped into Carl one sunny day in Pontypool, that's right: a sunny day in Pontypool. That's when Carl volunteered to put all the madness together. Buy the way Carl makes a wicked Americano without milk.

    Mark and Carl are writing a musical called "Waiting For Blue", about someone living with dementia. Mark's influence for the musical was his father in law Mel, who died in 2016 after living with vascular dementia for 7 years. Mel lived in Nashville for 25 years and was a big fan of country music and loved to dance. "

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