• Bill Stewart
  • When the trio split up, Bill joined a Scottish dance band as lead singer and, again played accordion for the dances. But the country music scene was still the one he enjoyed most of all.

    With this in mind, Bill formed a duo Double Country with friend and long-time music partner Alex Primrose, who also played guitar and pedal steel. They were much in demand and performed together for many years.

    Bill has been writing Scottish and country songs for many years. One of his songs, "Chasin' Dreams" won an American Eagle Award in a country song contest held in Las Vegas in 2001.

    Bill does not go out performing very much now, but still writes the occasional song. He has recorded three country albums "Chasin' Dreams", "Together In Harmony" and "The Best Times". He has also recorded two Scottish albums "Tartan Gems and "By Request".

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