• Bernie Townsend
  • Signed by Richard Vernon to the legendary Blue Horizon/CN Records label, BERNIE TONWSEND recorded two singles, "Another Night" released in 1981 and featured on the late Alexis Korner's BBC Radio 1 Playlist and "Little By Little" released in 1982 and featured on the BBC Radio Playlist of Bob Harris. On the back of the singles an album was recorded which reflected a track roster of cutting edge songs that were inextricably linked to the sounds that were coming out of the southern United States at that time. The album was ostensibly recorded for the US market, however for contractual reasons the product was shelved and remained untitled in a studio library.

    Gravel Road Records later acquired the rights to the album as it was deemed that the release of this Work was long overdue, and, in deference to the location of the legendary and long since gone Chipping Norton Recording Studio, Bernie Townsend decided to title his first solo album "Made On New Street" which features his current single "Just Wont Touch Me Now".

    In the intervening years before singer-songwriter Bernie Townsend embarked on a solo career he had shared stages with Chuck Berry, Conway Twitty, The Rolling Stones, Desert Rose Band and Steve Young to name but a few and had performed for US service personnell at military installations around the world. Just prior to his solo career Bernie Townsend had been a member of Country-Rock band 'The Rescue' and was their singer and songwriter on the first album, the eponymously titled "The Rescue" - The Rescue, and their later album "Forever Young" - The Rescue, which was met with critical acclaim in both the US and the UK and saw The Rescue signed to Nashville record label ARG in 2008.

    The recent single "Just Wont Touch Me Now" from the album "Made On New Street" by Bernie Townsend was released to US radio at the beginning of April 2015 and by the end of June had peaked at # 17 on the Adult Contemporary Top 40 US Radio Chart and at # 34 on the AC Hot 100 US Radio Chart and # 7 on the AC Western Region Top 30 US Radio Chart - based on the experience of a close friend of Bernie's on his return from the Vietnam War, the video of "Just Wont Touch Me Now" is attracting thousands of views on You Tube and has been the subject of many posts on the Vietnam Veterans of America Facebook Page and has been adopted by various VVA Chapters across the United States. In the light of the background to the song and the source of its inspiration, Bernie Townsend has donated his share of royalties to the Vietnam Veterans of America in perpetuity.

    Bernie Townsend returned to the studio in 2015 to record a new four song EP titled "THE DAY BEFORE YOU" which Gravel Road Records released in September. Product information below...

    "THE DAY BEFORE YOU" - Bernie Townsend

    The Day Before You - (M West)
    Straight 8 Fireball - (B Townsend/G Coleman/R Fry)
    Those Who Make The Difference - (B Townsend/R Sharpey)
    True Companion - (M Cohn)

    All tracks were recorded in 2015 at GLC Studio, Denton, Texas and Peak Studios, Leeds, Yorkshire.

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