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Catchin' The Sun - Chris D.Smith

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Visit The Wall

Rawley's third album, released at the end of 2014, includes a tale about a guy in a supermarket who Rawley has observed over the years. There's a tongue-in-cheek look at growing old disgracefully. The death of J.D.Salinger and the new that we would have to wait many years to read what he has been writing since he stopped publishing also inspired a song. Rawley's biggest hit to date "The Country Rap" is also there as is the old favourite "Gasoline" in a more clean and tidy state.
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An 8-track collection of original songs from Keith, who has been performing music since the mid 1960s, most notably with the country music duo Country Network. Includes "Dreams Sometimes Come True" , "The Preacher", "Birthday Boy" and "A Love Song".
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A.D.2014 - Chris D.Smith NEW
The second album from the Belgium-based singer songwriter explores the boundaries of folk rock, country rock, Americana, rock and blues rock. Features some of Belgium's finest musicians and has received rave reviews from roots magazines across Belgium and The Netherlands. Includes "Catchin' The Sun".
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THIS AIN'T RENO - Grand Prairie NEW
The 2013 release from the 6-piece country rock band features 12 tracks, nine of them written by lead singer Rob Wilson with the album's producer Steve Elson. Includes "A Little Bit Of Nice Boy", "Chuffin' Through The Tunnel Of Love", "Tomorrow I Will Go", "I Can't Wait 'Til Monday", "Lost 'n' Gone" and "This Is What I Get For Lovin' You".
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