's Most Heard No.1:
Chuffin' Through The Tunnel Of Love - Grand Prairie

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SLOW DANCE (single) - Saskia Vese NEW
The single from Yorkshire-based singer, songwriter and model Saskia is available for download now from iTunes and Amazon.
Click to download from iTunes for 99p
Click to download from Amazon for 99p

CROSS COUNTRY - Michael McMillan NEW
The fourth album from Glasgow-based alternative country music singer-songwriter Michael McMillan whose songs tell stores from "the heart of the streets" and "the streets of the heart". The album tells the story of Michael's extensive trip across the US which included a performance at Greenwich Village, New York. Includes "Alive Again", "Death By Broken Heart", "Scars And Stripes" and "Three's A Cloud".
Buy it now for £8.50

NOTES ONE - Mick J.Clark NEW
12 self-penned songs from the London-based songwriter. Includes the ultimate birthday feelgood song "Blow Those Candles Out".
Buy it now for £5.99

THIS AIN'T RENO - Grand Prairie
The 2013 release from the 6-piece country rock band features 12 tracks, nine of them written by lead singer Rob Wilson with the album's producer Steve Elson. Includes "A Little Bit Of Nice Boy", "Tomorrow I Will Go", "Chuffin' Through The Tunnel Of Love", "I Can't Wait 'Til Monday", "Lost 'n' Gone", "Shiny Moon", "Brown-Eyed Women" and "This Is What I Get For Lovin' You".
Buy it now for £9.99