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JUST FLY - Danny Lee
This album was recorded in Nashville, remixed in England and features some of Nashville's finest musicians. The album includes Running Down The Road, Open Up For Me, We Can Only Go To Here, Invisible Touch. Do You Love Me and Flowers In The Rain.
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Danny's sensational second album. Drift away to the soothing melodies, focus your mind on the thought-provoking lyrics or get blown sky high by the inspirational musicianship. Includes "Trials and Tribulations", "Fly Drive Dreams", "Who Knows", "Girlfriend", "I Guess It's Over" and "I'll Never Let You Down"
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NIGHT TRAIN - Jericho Summer NEW
The debut album from husband and wife duo Jay Zeffin and Vanessa Jay features Grammy-winner Albert Lee, Richard Fortus of Guns N Roses, Marco Mendoza from Whitesnke and Thin Lizzy and Grammy-winning fiddle player Stuart Duncan. A high octane, high tempo, 11-track album of southern rock with some slower ballads to bring down the pace. Includes "Bitchin' With A Woman" and "Lonely Town"
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SINCE 1959 - Sandy Peter NEW
Sandy's second album of original songs contains ten tracks. The songs were born mostly out of experiences and events that have coloured his life since the year of his birth, 1959. Includes "Taking It Easy" "Match dot Com" and "Looks Like She Lied"
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