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MY BACK YARD - Martin Smith NEW
The soundtrack to Martin's DVD of the same name. Includes some new tracks as a taster from Martin's new album due to be released in 2018. Other tracks are older favourites which have given Martin success on various country music charts and have been featured on various TV programmes. Includes "Y Put The X In Christmas".
Buy it now for £10.00

BOOZE & ROCK & ROLL - Keith Shaw
The fourth album of self-penned songs from the Berkshire-based songwriter who has been involved in the music business for many years. Includes "Boots (The Shoe Shop Song", "Country Queen", "Honey I'm Coming Home", and "Gator Fishin"
Buy it now for £5.99

A 3-track EP from the Essex-based singer, songwriter and percussionist featuring three previously-released tracks including "The Shandon Bells" which refers to the bells at the Church of St.Anne's in Cork City in Ireland
Buy it now for £2.99

A four-track EP from the singer-songwriter who has written over 50 songs. Includes "Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah" which Mick wrote as a poignant reminder that the one thing that children need more than anything else at Christmas time is love. ** All proceeds from the sale of this EP will go to Mick's chosen charity Save The Children **
Buy it now for £1.99

THE WAY I WANNA BE - Robyn Taylor
The 2017 album from the Glasgow singer-songwriter who has been in the music business for 30 years. 10 tracks of personal, heartfelt, contemporary country songs wiht a tip of the hat to classic country. Includes "The Last Great Gentleman" and "In The Arms Of Love"
Buy it now for £7.49

THIS AIN'T RENO - Grand Prairie
The 2013 release from the 6-piece country rock band features 12 tracks, nine of them written by lead singer Rob Wilson with the album's producer Steve Elson. Includes "A Little Bit Of Nice Boy", "Tomorrow I Will Go", "Chuffin' Through The Tunnel Of Love", "I Can't Wait 'Til Monday", "Lost 'n' Gone", "Shiny Moon", "Brown-Eyed Women" and "This Is What I Get For Lovin' You".
Buy it now for £9.99